Floressence deploys its expertise based on 3 fundamental points: knowledge, creativity and reliability – with expertise and know-how in the art of fragrance compounds recognized for over 30 years, thanks to a talented team of fragrance creators and a proactive evaluation and marketing unit, the whole guaranteeing constant quality and a responsiveness suited to the needs of each customer.


    The Floressence manufacturing plant is ISO 9001 version 2015. Our team ensures quality production, adapted packing and timely delivery for each order.

    New-generation equipment with high-precision robots can develop and produce programs suited to your requirements, from one kilogram to several tons. State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and control laboratories ensure the strength and stability of our batches. We provide our customers with samples, fragrance descriptions, physico-chemical data sheets and safety data sheets whenever they require them.

    In addition, we attach great importance to testing our fragrances in the appropriate base product. As a rule, we try to reproduce the usual way in which the fragrance is used. Our application laboratory regularly carries out stability and persistence tests in neutral bases. These tests are often carried out with our customers’ bases thanks to our close collaboration and we constantly strive to maintain strict confidentiality.

    Finally, our large storage capacity allows us to offer an array of solutions to suit your delivery needs.

    Production tools:
    •    Factory unit in the Grasse region, on the French Riviera
    •    Experienced aromatic raw material sourcing
    •    Over 1000 raw materials available on site
    •    Bar code traceability process
    •    Production robot Roxane
    •    Productions from 5kg to several tons


    Our establishments have passed strict quality controls and we have received ISO 9001 : 2015 certification. Safety is ensured through clearly identified products and a rigorous tracking system. State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and control laboratories ensure the strength and stability of the formulations. Finally, our legislation department ensures that products comply with current standards.

    We believe that quality also involves the ability to listen to our customers to ensure their requirements are properly fulfilled. Our management is actively involved in our quality control. It provides the necessary impetus and guidance, ensuring it is communicated to all departments.


    Our legislation department ensures that products comply with current standards. It processes product questionnaires and supplies certificates required for each delivery, such as:
    •    analysis reports,
    •    safety data sheets,
    •    technical specifications,
    •    purity certificate,
    •    naturalness certificate,
    •    IFRA certificate,
    •    certificate of compliance with the Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC,
    •    cosmetic allergens certificate - Cosmetics Directive 2003/15/EEC.

    Within the framework of Reach, the European Regulation 1907/2006, we have pre-registered the chemical substances that we import or produce when quantities exceed one ton per year within the European Community.

    Since 11 March 2005, cosmetics and fragrance producers must add to the list of ingredients on the secondary package, 26 molecules considered as allergens when the quantity present exceeds a certain threshold. This obligation shows the most visible effects of the 7th amendment of the Cosmetics Directive 2003/15/EC. To respond to our customers’ concerns, we select raw material having low levels of allergenic substances, with which we develop fragrance compounds that do not require further labelling.

    We have also been granted Bio Ecocert certification for some of our fragrance compounds. Thus, we are committed to complying with EC regulations (EEC Regulation 2092/91) and French regulations on organic production methods.


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    Tel : 04 93 40 59 60 | Fax : 04 93 40 59 69